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    El-Atrash Libya Malta

    El-Atrash Law Offices

    About Us

    We are a family run law firm with offices based in Tripoli, Libya and Malta focusing on various aspects of law including civil law, commercial law, maritime law, penal law, labour law, financial, investment as well as trademark and copyright. We offer our expertise and guidance on all legal matters including Islamic Law, Shariah.


    Hanan Sami El-Atrash

    Born in Athens in 1992, Hanan Sami El-Atrash gained her law degree in 2015 at the University of Glasgow.  During her Honours degree Hanan Sami El-Atrash studied for a year at the Ghent University in Belgium.

    She is currently preparing to qualify as a solicitor before joining her father Advocate Sami Salem El-Atrash and her uncle Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash in legal practice in their Overseas and Libyan law offices.