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    El-Atrash Libya Malta

    El-Atrash Law Offices

    25th June 2014


    Dr El-Atrash appeared on Libya Dawliya channel on 25th June 2014 to mark the occasion of the parliamentary general elections in Libya. He commented on the event in general and in particular, its legality and legitimacy in the light of the circumstances Libya is passing through. He made a strong recommendation and direct call to the Committee of Sixty entrusted with formulating the new Libyan Constitution to give due consideration to the element of constitutional control, requesting them to establish a Supreme Constitutional Court, so as to improve the future exercise of political and civil rights by the Libyan population.


    27th November 2014


    Dr El-Atrash took part in a programme on Al Qanat channel on 27th November 2014, when he commented on the impact of on-going military operations in several parts of Libya, including airstrikes near Tripoli, as well as the prospects for the current peace process. He focused on the necessity for the creation of a Constitutional Court in Libya, to exercise control over legislation separately from any other court, including the Supreme Court. He affirmed his view that if the establishment of such a body had been included in the transitional constitutional document, it would have prevented the adoption of the legislation which led to the current crisis. He pointed out that in the absence of this judicial body, the current crisis will remain as an obstacle to the normal interpretation of political legitimacy at both the national and international level.
    Dr El-Atrash proposed that, as an interim solution to the current crisis, authority should be delivered to the Constitutional Committee until elections for parliament and president take place following the adoption of the Constitution.

    4th December 2014


    Dr El-Atrash took part in a programme on Al-Qanat channel on 4th December 2014 when he commented on the meeting of representatives of Arab states in Sudan to discuss the situation in Libya and what might be expected to result from this meeting.

    10th January 2015


    On 10th January 2015 Dr Sami El-Atrash took part in a programme on Al-Qanat channel, in which he commented on the forthcoming meeting in Geneva and expressed his views that the effective parties in Libya are not yet ready for serious discussions with the aim of reaching a compromise solution. Nor do their actions really indicate that their priority is Libya since events lead us to the real conviction and belief that the current struggle will lead nowhere but to more misery and destruction, causing more suffering for the Libyan population, let alone wasting valuable time for the process of state-building.

    15th January 2015


    On 15th January Dr El-Atrash took part in a programme on Al Qanat channel, when he commented concerning the absence of certain groups from the meeting taking place in Geneva and its impact on the situation on Libya. His expressed his view that the conference is not a goal in itself and should not be seen as such but rather a mechanism of achieving results. Therefore the absence of key parties in this difficult situation is bound to have an impact on both the outcome of this meeting and reaching a solution to current disputes.

    27th January 2015


    Dr Sami Salem El-Atrash reflecting on the latest terrorist acts in the capital of Libya.

    12th February 2015


    The road to national reconciliation is very long and we are still at its beginning. The way will not be easy and will require every true effort, severe sacrifice and great love for Libya, to the extent that it will encompass every compromise needed.   We have to understand that the challenges facing such a project will be many and vary in its nature, including the factions who will put every single obstacle in the way in order to make it fail. Therefore, successful results will depend on the degree or level of the participants’ awareness of all these factors.

    19th February 2015


    Dr Sami El-Atrash took part in a programme on Al-Qanat channel which discussed the question of international support for Libya in combatting terrorism. Dr El-Atrash called on all political forces in Libya to be transparent in their approach to terrorist groups in a manner consistent with international standards so that we can convince the international community to stand with us in our fight against terrorism. Dr El-Atrash also called on all sides and national forces, including political parties and civil society forces, to recognise the need for national reconciliation through direct dialogue between all Libyans.

    10th March 2015


    Dr El-Atrash took part in a programme on Al-Qanat channel to comment on the current Libyan dialogue taking place in Algeria. His view was that the value of such meetings does not depend on the place where it is conducted but on the individuals who attend, their real intentions and abilities for successful negotiation and decision-making and above all their ability to understand the challenges Libya faces.