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    El-Atrash Libya MaltaEl-Atrash Libya Malta
    El-Atrash Libya Malta

    El-Atrash Law Offices


    We are a family run law firm with offices based in Tripoli, Libya and Malta focusing on various aspects of law including civil law, commercial law, maritime law, penal law, labour law, financial, investment as well as trademark and copyright. We offer our expertise and guidance on all legal matters including Islamic Law, Shariah.

    Penal Law

    Since its establishment over sixty years ago, El-Atrash Law Office has been distinguished for its performance in the field of penal law. Its founder, Advocate Salem El-Atrash, participated in many famous cases in Libyan legal history, including the blowing up of the petrol fields in Libya and political assassinations at the highest level in the years following Libya’s independence.


    The tradition of strong performance in penal cases continues today, with our Offices in Tripoli and Benghazi providing expert defence of clients while making full use of the latest electronic, technological and forensic advances, which are used in support of our innovative defence techniques.


    The mobility, flexibility and expertise of our senior lawyers allow our Offices to extend our services in the penal field to clients all over Libya, from the capital city, Tripoli, to Tobruk in the East and Sebha in the South. We have a successful track record of bringing about civil intervention in penal cases in the interests of our clients.


    El-Atrash Office closely monitors the development of law associated with money laundering, internet fraud and other crimes associated with the development of technology, whether of social, economic or political nature, and has been involved in several cases in this area.