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    El-Atrash Libya MaltaEl-Atrash Libya Malta
    El-Atrash Libya Malta

    El-Atrash Law Offices


    We are a family run law firm with offices based in Tripoli, Libya and Malta focusing on various aspects of law including civil law, commercial law, maritime law, penal law, labour law, financial, investment as well as trademark and copyright. We offer our expertise and guidance on all legal matters including Islamic Law, Shariah.

    Civil Law

    El-Atrash Law Offices handle a wide range of Civil Law matters:


    • Land and property disputes, including the investigation of land history and title deeds. Notarial professionals who work in association with our Offices conduct thorough legal investigation of all matters through the relevant authorities.
    • Debt Collection, whether of local or foreign debts.
    • Claims for damages, compensation and other outstanding rights for individuals and corporate entities.
    • We undertake precautionary measures, including imposition and lifting of expedite seizure orders in relation to the rights of individuals or entities, whether these relate to property, vessels, financial or other assets, fixed or movable.


    Thanks to the experience of our senior lawyers we are able to provide legal representation in civil matters at all levels of the Libyan Courts, including in defence and appeal proceedings. Our Offices are also skilled in conducting negotiations leading to out-of-court settlement and often assist our clients in securing fast and satisfactory conclusions rather than a lengthy trial.


    We have proven expertise in the negotiation and drafting of contracts according to internationally recognised rules and practice and the related security documentation as required, and in assisting in the settlement of any conflict arising in such contracts in an international forum.


    Our Offices continually review national law in its relation to multilateral treaties in respect of property ownership, taxation, social security and related matters.