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    El-Atrash Libya Malta

    El-Atrash Law Offices


    Q : In the light of events following the 17th February Revolution and their security implications , is El-Atrash Law Office currently operating?

    A :  In the light of the events accompanying the 17th February Revolution and the seriousness of the situation at the time El-Atrash Law Office temporarily suspended its activities during 2011. However, following the declaration of the liberation of Libya on 23rd October 2011, our office in Tripoli is open during normal working hours, Saturday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm and from 18:00 to 20:00. We can also be contacted by telephone, fax and e-mail.      

    Q : What are the Office’s requirements in relation to any legal action?

    A :  Provided that our database confirms that no conflict of interest exists and questions relating to legality are satisfied, we require a Power of Attorney or other authorisation depending on the nature of the legal action requested. Prior to taking action, our office issues a Letter of Engagement setting out the obligations and commitments of both office and client. These technical matters can be completed by means of e-mail or other media.

    Q : What is the usual time span for obtaining a judgment in court cases?

    A :  The time span depends on the legal evidence supporting the claimant’s case and, in the case of penal action, the completion of all investigations by the Public Prosecutor.

    Q : Do foreign claimants or nationals based overseas need to be in Libya in order to complete the procedures with the Law Office?

    A :  Not necessarily. In most Civil and Commercial cases or other matters such as consultation and administrative actions, including the formation of Companies, an official Power of Attorney satisfying technical requirements, that is, signed by the relevant person or, in the case of a corporate body, by its lawful representative before a notary public, fully verified by the local Ministry of Justice and the Libyan consulate, all then officially translated to Arabic.) In other cases, a direct authorisation by the relevant party or parties may be all that is required.  

    Q : What financial commitments are required?

    A :  Once a Letter of Engagement or Fee Agreement is signed, an advance payment will be requested on account. Once the case file is examined fully an invoice will be issued by one of our Offices directing the client to the account with full details. It should be noted that the deposit requested will vary from case to case depending on the evaluation of the Financial and Legal Departments. The request will also be subject to direct negotiation and arrangement depending on other elements, including cases where the client has a previous relationship with one of our Offices.   To facilitate these matters, El-Atrash Law Office has created Overseas Accounts to enable foreign clients to avoid banking delays and unnecessary charges.        

    Q : How will we be updated concerning our case?

    A :  As soon as the case is accepted by the Office, the name and details of a lawyer will provided for day to day revision. Except in certain circumstances, a senior lawyer take direct responsibility for all communications, conference calls and so on.   To facilitate reporting to clients, El-Atrash Law Office has created Branches in several cities and uses its overseas Offices to ensure speedy and reliable communications.      

    Q : In the case of non-residents, will we be fully and continuously informed about the developments of our case?

    A :  Yes, the Office will provide regular updates concerning all developments. In some cases a full report will be prepared, supported by evidence such as applications, correspondence, judgments fully translated to the English language, photographs of sites and equipment and so on.